"Everyone’s experience is unique. I absolutely loved my treatment and it blew me away , both spiritually & as a treatment, it takes mind body & soul to a different level - Penny.

"A few months back I suffered from a trapped nerve in my thumb which sent severe pain up my arm and into my shoulder and neck. I was offered a session of Reiki to see if that helped and I have to say it worked wonders!  Just one hour of Reiki eased the pain and by the next day I was pain free.  I was extremely happy with the treatment and would definitely recommend reiki to people who feel it may help!  Very happy.  Mrs Painting

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"Reiki for me was a very life changing experience, at the time I had a lot of bad stuff going in my life. I had a reiki session and it was as if all my bad energy lifted away from me and gave me the courage to move on with my life. Mel, Berkshire

"I hope this finds you well and you had a good day yesterday providing Reiki for our staff pamper day.  I know that I definitely benefitted from my session with you so just wanted to say a huge thank you!  I feel much more awake and calmer today than I did first thing yesterday and feel that the reiki has helped with this.  Natalie - Reading

"I have been lucky enough to experience Reiki by Shelley Gore and I have to say that the calmness that overcame me was just phenomenal, along with feeling lighter in mind, body and soul, I would absolutely recommend Reiki by Shelley.  Judy, Theale

" I found Reiki very relaxing and it generally gave me sense of wellness and wellbeing.  Shelley picked up some problems with my knee that I hadn't told her about.  I was well impressed!  I would thoroughly recommend Shelley as an excellent Reiki practitioner and Reiki is a great stress reliever.  Louise, Theale.

"My wife bought me 3 Reiki sessions as a Christmas present, and I was looking forward to the potential relaxation returns.  I found that each session was a slightly different experience (as Shelley said would be the case) and I was not disappointed with the relaxing part, feeling re-energised after each session. But more than this, I was pleasantly surprised with how much of a powerful experience this was overall. Shelley is ideally suited to teaching Reiki as she is very calming, friendly, and experienced on the subject. I would highly recommend giving Reiki a go with Shelley. Mr Athurs –Tilehurst

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"I first came to Shelley about two years ago as my partner and I had been trying for a baby for around two years and had not been successful. Apart from being the most relaxing thing I have ever had about two month after the third treatment I found out I was pregnant. We now have a wonderful baby boy. I don't think I could ever thank Shelley enough.  Tammy, Reading.

"I went to Shelley at a very low point in my life. The environment at Orchard Life is tranquil and professional and Shelley is a lovely calm lady who immediately makes you feel at ease. I chose to have three sessions, there was no pressure from Shelley to book more, but even after the first one I was amazed at the difference in how I felt. Over the three sessions I realised that I was feeling more relaxed and had a more positive outlook. Christine - Berkshire


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What my clients say

"Thank you for the Reiki treatment – I was your 12pm appointment. I found the treatment really relaxing; I was surprised I could relax so deeply in an unfamiliar environment. I found the experience gentle, and soothing, and your approach put me at ease. The way you had crystals, water etc. prepared really created a feeling of a ‘space within a space’ which encouraged me to focus on the treatment and nothing else.  Amelia - Reading

"I felt like I was all over the place with my emotions so much that I couldn't sleep properly and just couldn't think straight. Shelley made me feel welcomed and even after the first session I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could actually start to think straight. After our three sessions I feel so much better in myself, I feel like I can shift negativity and remove anything I don't want to think about and just start being positive again. So thank you for helping me do that. Ashleigh - Reading


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