What to expect:

When you have booked your treatment, I will send you a consultation form to fill out and send back to me before your booking.  Please refrain from drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages on the day of your treatment.  When you arrive at my tranquil studio in Midgham, Berkshire we will have a little chat about how you think Reiki might help you.  I will ensure you feel totally at ease with me as a practitioner before we begin.  It is important you feel relaxed and ready to receive your healing.

After your treatment, you should experience a sense of calm and well-being. My clients often find that the answer to a question or a solution to a problem has entered their mind, or it has helped them to make a decision. Many of my clients report an improvement in their sleeping patterns and a reduction in their stress levels. There is no right or wrong way to experience a Reiki treatment - every person is unique and Reiki respects this.  PLEASE NOTE - I recommend you have a minimum of three treatments. 

However, everyone receives Reiki differently and also accepts it differently too.

It depends on a number of things. Here are some of the considerations:

How much you are off balance physically, emotionally, or spiritually – For instance, severely anxious or depressed, chronically or acutely ill, or feeling completely disconnected from your purpose will probably be good reasons for receiving several Reiki healings as often as possible – daily or a few times per week, for example. Even weekly sessions can make a difference. In fact, they might make a HUGE difference.
How long you’ve had the issue – It seems that acute issues, those present for a shorter amount of time but rather severe in nature, heal faster than chronic issues – those which have been there longer. Think of Reiki as being able to rewind your health – the longer you’ve had it, the longer it might take to heal. The shorter, the faster the healing process may take effect. . I’ve used Reiki to help my family to feel more whole after sicknesses like flu or colds or after surgeries. I’ve given them Reiki several times a day and they’ve recovered quicker than before I knew Reiki.
How open you are to allowing Reiki to help you – Feeling hopeless no matter what will slow down the results because you are not allowing the energy to help you. It’s not necessary for you to believe without trying, but the more you are willing to accept the energy that could make a difference in your situation. Also, some people are not ready to heal because their issue is serving them in some way – bringing them attention or covering up emotional pain that’s deeper. Being truly ready to feel better can intensify the effects of the Reiki, speeding healing.

Reiki is NOT a massage therapy. Although there are many massage therapists who will incorporate the use of Reiki's healing energies into their massage sessions. Reiki is an energy-based therapy that does not involve manipulating bones or tissues.

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07723 046159

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1 Treatment £55

Hands-on time is not limited to just an hour.  If I am guided to spend more time with you, I will not stop because of time restrictions.  Please allow at least another 1/2 hour for your experience.


3 Treatments £135

​These will need to be booked a week apart.  Any additional sessions going forward will be reduced to £45 per session.